Dokter Sukrisno

Senior Acupuncturist

The practice for acupuncture near you in Amstelveen.

  • Practice of Chinese Medicine:
  • Acupuncture (including Dry Needling)
  • Herbal Treatment
  • TDP-lamp (warm lamp) and Moxa Therapy
  • Chinese Massage
  • Cupping (suction cup)
  • Chinese Electro Acupuncture

Dr. Sukrisno combining the different acupuncture techniques, both Japanese and Chinese. See all the treatments.
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dokter SukrisnoAbout Doctor Sukrisno

Chinese and Netherlands doctor

Dr. Sukrisno was born in Indonesia. She has fulfilled her medicine study both in China and in the Netherlands.
She obtained her doctor diploma in 1976 in China and in 1990 in the Netherlands. She has extensive experience as a doctor as well as an acupuncturist.

Since 2005, she works as an acupuncturist at the Chinese Medical Centre in Amsterdam. Until now she has already treated over 6000 patients.
She has done her study of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture in China, where she obtained her acupuncture diploma. She also has done her acupuncture study in the Netherlands at the NAAV (Association of Dutch Doctor of Acupuncture). She is also a member of this association.
Dr. Sukrisno speaks good Chinese, English, Dutch and Indonesian.

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Doktor Sukrino has written a book about acupunture.

Cover van boek door Doktor Sukrisno
ISBN 978-90-484-2583-9

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How does Dr. Sukrisno work in her practice?

Dr. Sukrisno adapts her technique of acupuncture treatment to the individual, depending on the pain threshold (sensitivity) and the symptoms. In case of stress she applies more Japanese acupuncture technique because it causes little pain, but is effective. For other problems such as fatigue and lack of energy, she applies more Chinese acupuncture techniques because it is more effective than any other acupuncture techniques. For children, the technique is adapted to the pain threshold and sensitivity of the child. In short, Dr. Sukrisno combines the different acupuncture techniques, both Japanese and Chinese, depending on the pain threshold and symptoms of the patients. She always tries to provide sufficient positive effects. Besides needles she also uses other tools in her practice.
Dr. Sukrisno often combines treatment by needles with moxa, hot magnetic lamp, Chinese herbs (phytotherapy) and possibly Chinese massage with certain symptoms (such as shoulder pain).

The purpose of the treatment is to improve theenergy, immune system, body resistance and blood circulation, in order to recover quickly from diseases and cure diseases.

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